Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God's Reflection?

OK Judy - I will update my blog ;)

Yesterday, I was asked by a man from our church to help him out in a pinch. He needed someone to sing the National Anthem today at a statewide conference for 911 dispatch professionals. Well, this guy is always doing things for Wes, he drives the church van, and picks up all the kids on Sundays (that alone should make him eligible for sainthood). Since he's always helping the children's minstry, what could it hurt? I can help him. I ask my boss if I can come to work late to do this. My boss says, I'll pay you for the time as long as you go and represent us proud, and don't forget the words!

So, I spend the next 36 hours humming the national anthem to myself, and praying that I don't mess up. I began to pray last night that I would be God's reflection. I did not seek out this singing opportunity, it came to me. I wanted to be a blessing, not get attention.

I got up early, got dressed, WORE MAKEUP, left my house early and headded to the hotel. I get there early, meet up with the lady in charge and find out the schedule for the opening ceremony. An honor guard group was to come in and present the colors, lead the pledge of allegiance, I was to sing the national anthem, then some lady from the color guard was to sing another song. I spend the next hour or so socializing with the guy from my church who introduces me to about 10 people as his pastor's wife who is going to sing the national anthem this morning.

The time comes. Honor guard comes in, I am motioned to the platform, colors are displayed. Just as the pledge is supposed to be led, the lady from the color guard begins singing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!! I am on stage in front of 400+ people, WHAT DO I DO? As nonchallantly as I could lean over to the lady in charge also on the platform with me, and say, "Isn't that the song I'm supposed to sing?" She says, "Yes - (at this point I'm thinking - what is this American Idol? Are we supposed to duke it out, or what?) - she must be doing her regular program. Sorry!"

So, I'm standing there in front of all these people, all dressed up. What do I do? God - How am I reflecting you in a very public, very embarrassing situation?

After the honor guard was finished, I walked off the platform, and quietly took my seat. I waited while they introduced a few people, and found a spot in the program to sneak out the door.

So, call it a good story, practice, or a lesson in humility. I'm still not sure what God was up to with that one.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I am a lemming

Ok, now there is a reason for the title. For years, I have prided myself on not joining the masses in the blogging phenomenon. I'm too busy to put my life and thoughts online, and even if I did, who would care?

But, as I have moved, yet again, and I don't keep up with people the way I should. I know that I do need to keep people informed of my life (ok, let's face it, you wanna know what's up with the kids, I'm not that interesting). And now that I'm working in an office, I have more time to spend on the computer, a good computer at that.

So, with a big "L" on my forehead, I take my place with the blogging masses. Call me a lemming, call me a dork, whatever. I shall blog with the best of them.